Too Far: Aaron Paul Punks 'Breaking Bad' Fans By Announcing Spinoff


Aaron Paul likes to have fun with his fans, but this past weekend, he went a little too far.

Paul posted this photo to Instagram, which teased a top-secret project he worked on.

He then took to Periscope to elaborate on the news.

In the live stream, Paul spoke about a "Breaking Bad" spinoff that he was involved in with Vince Gilligan.

A YouTube rip of that stream is shown below.

 Naturally, people on the Twitter were excited.

However, it turned out this was all a prank pulled by Paul.

There is no Jesse Pinkman centric "Breaking Bad" spinoff.

Chances are, "Better Call Saul" is as close as we'll ever get. Paul was just bored and having a good time.

But, of course, Paul's fans were disheartened by the news. So, Paul eventually apologized.

He felt so bad that he offered to pay for his fans to see "Mad Max" with him in Boston, where he is currently shooting a movie.

So, Pinkman burned us all here, but at least he made amends, bitch.

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