This Theory About Bran & The Ice Dragon Could Be The Ultimate 'GOT' Ending

by Ani Bundel

One of the things that Game of Thrones has virtually dropped from the A Song of Ice and Fire novels is the ability of the all the Stark siblings to warg into animals. As far as the show is concerned only Bran can warg into anything. That's his superpower. Having seen Bran warg into trees, animals and even people like Hodor, someone's bound to ask the obvious next step: Can he warg into the dragons? Can he warg into the dead? And if so, will Bran warg into ice dragon on Game of Thrones?

It's actually pretty frustrating for book readers that the show has cut down the warging. It's not just a way to have the Stark wolves in the story far more often, but it's an important fact that all the Stark children have the ability, not just Bran. Rickon speaks of dreaming he is his wolf, and Arya wargs into Nymeria on the regular during her Faceless Man training, especially during her "Blind Beth" period.

Even Jon Snow, who is really their cousin, has the ability, though he doesn't know it. It's why the wargs in the wildling group hate him so much, because he has this beautiful animal to warg into and he's *not.* Only Robb and Sansa don't really mention wolf dreams, but Lady is killed early, and Robb is never a POV character.

With warging being such a key element of Bran's character in both versions of the story, fans think that it must come into play in the story's endgame. Not just with Bran touching trees, and seeing the past, the present and the future, and telling Jon Snow his real name, but being able to help the Starks fight when the Long Night comes.

The story literally opens with the fall that makes Bran who he is. Like Jon Snow and Beric and Benjen, Bran is kept alive, and given these abilities, for a purpose.

Some think that purpose is Bran fighting the Night King on another plane while Jon fights him on the mortal one. Some think he'll take animals and make them allies of the humans who fight the dead. But others have thought that Bran would be the third dragon rider, warging into either Viserion or Rhaegal to control them.


Obviously, that's not the reality anymore. Or is it?

With Jon and Dany assumed as the riders of Drogon and Rhaegal (it makes so much sense that Jon will ride the dragon named after his father), everyone now assumes the Night King will ride Viserion as an ice dragon. But what if Bran can warg into the ice dragon?

Has he even tried warging into wights? Everyone assumes that can't be done, but we won't know unless he tries, right? And with Viserion being more than just a wight, but an ice dragon, will that make a difference?

We probably won't find out until Season 8. And, let's be real, first, he needs to tell Jon who his parents are. Then we can talk about ice dragons.