This Is What Brady Hobbes From 'Sex And The City' Looks Like Now

If you were an avid watcher of "Sex And The City," I'm sure you remember little baby Brady Hobbes.

The adorable redhead was the star of the show, in my opinion.

He was the witness to all the drama between Miranda Hobbes and Steve Brady, even though he had no clue what was happening.

Remember when Miranda was changing his diaper and his shit ended up on her face?

Remember how adorable Brady looked at his birthday party with the creepy clown?

I LOVED THE KID. He was too cute for words.

Well, guess what, you guys. Brady Hobbes is all grown up!

Joseph Pupo, the actor who played Brady, sat down for an interview with The Battery Company.

Hosts Jake Wilson and Sas Goldberg were obviously very shocked at how much the actor has changed over the years.

Last time we saw Brady Hobbes, he was in diapers. But now, HE'S A MAN.

OK, he's probably like 14 now, but same thing.

According to the interview, it sounds like Joseph never watched himself on "Sex And The City." WTF, JOSEPH! BRADY WAS THE BEST PART.

Whatever, either way, I can't believe how old this little "Sex And The City" star is now. MIND = BLOWN.


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