BLACKPINK's Lisa just tied BTS' RM for a major milestone.

BLACKPINK's Lisa Just Hit A Major Career Milestone And BLINKs Are So Proud

She's been slaying with her solo career.

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Here’s to Lisa from BLACKPINK! The K-pop superstar has been releasing solo bops left and right, and they’ve all been making their way up the Billboard charts. With the release of her most recent hit, “SG,” she’s not only got a chart-topper under her belt, but she’s also making history. Lisa tied BTS’ RM for an important record and her fans on Twitter are so proud.

Lisa officially confirmed she would be embarking on a solo career in September and has since released a trio of songs. After first dropping “Lalisa” and “Money,” she went on to wow with “SG,” her collab featuring DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Megan Thee Stallion on Oct 22. The song has already seen a lot of love, and is expected to make its way to the top of the Digital Song Sales chart, which tracks which songs sell the most copies in the U.S.

The new set of data is a ~big~ deal for Lisa, because it means she has officially tied RM for having the second-most bestselling songs in the U.S. among K-pop solo stars. Yep, Lisa is out here crushing it, and her loyal fans are unbelievably proud.

“Yeayy congrats Lilies-Blinks and everyone who stream LISA songs,” one fan excitedly tweeted.

“Congratulations queen!! always proud of u,” another tweeted.

Twitter was flooded with supportive messages about Lisa’s latest milestone.

Lisa’s solo career has enabled her to step into a new light, and as she told Billboard in September, her new music is more personal than ever. “It's a good opportunity for me to finally let the world know, ‘This is who I am,’” she told the outlet. The singer even included bits of her heritage into her music. “I wanted to put some Thai vibes in it, and he [Ryan Tedder] actually put some Thai traditional music into the dance break. This is my first solo, and I want to represent that I'm Thai to all the fans around the world,” she explained.

Now, with an epic new milestone to celebrate, Lisa’s fans couldn’t be more proud of all she’s accomplished in a few short months.