'Black Mirror' Season 7 will include a sequel to "USS Callister."

Black Mirror Season 7 Will Include A Sequel To This Fan-Fave Episode

Who's ready for more dystopian horror!?

It’s almost time to feel deeply disturbed about your relationship with technology again! Netflix has announced that its dystopian series Black Mirror will return for a seventh season. And the new batch of horror stories will include a sequel that fans have waited years for.

Netflix announced Season 7 on March 14, 2024, nine months after Season 6 dropped in the summer of 2023. The first teaser for the upcoming season revealed that it would not be dropping anytime in 2024, but promised the new eps would be worth the wait. Most notably, the clip included several allusions to Season 4’s “USS Callister,” flashing symbols from that story along with playing its score at the end. Since the account teased, “six new stories, but one looks a little familiar,” it’s clear Season 7 will follow up on the beloved Star Trek-inspired episode.

Fans had actually theorized about a return to “USS Callister” last season, but it didn’t wind up happening then. The hit 2017 episode imagined a world in which a frustrated programmer trapped clones of his co-workers in a space-age video game simulation, forcing them to obey all his commands. The episode ended with the tortured crew finally escaping, with a teasing cliffhanger that there could be a return to this world.


The episode showed such promise for further exploration that there were even talks it could spawn its own spinoff show. While that never happened, at least fans will finally get their second trip with the USS Callister now.

Here’s everything else to know about the upcoming Black Mirror season.

Some Former Cast Members Will Likely Return

With “US Callister” getting a sequel, it would only make sense for at least some of the ship’s crew to return. That includes Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson, and Michaela Coel as the adventurers who escaped in the end. It’s unclear if the sequel will bring Jesse Plemons back, given how the first story ended.

It Has More Episodes Than Previous Seasons

Fans can look forward to a good long marathon when Season 7 drops. It will consist of six episodes, tying Seasons 3 and 4 as having the most episodes of the series.

It’ll Be A Long Wait

Sadly, the Season 7 teaser confirmed that the new episodes won’t arrive until 2025. There’s no exact release date yet.