Bindi Irwin Crushed The Famous 'Dirty Dancing' Lift In 'DWTS' Routine (Video)

This Monday, Famous Dance Night brought some familiar moves to the “Dancing with the Stars” stage.

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough absolutely slayed the living 80s nostalgia out of the unforgettable “(I've Had) The Time Of My Life” routine made famous by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing.”

The duo's updated version included an on-point recreation of the Kellerman's talent show set and, of course, the famed lift.

Irwin shares Grey's tiny frame, but watching Hough lift her over his head still induces heart-stopping panic. Will he drop her? Why is he shaking so much?

How is he going to get her down from there? Perhaps by dropping her?

These questions -- plus the passion of young summer love -- are what made the original routine such a hit, and it certainly translates nearly 30 years later.

Watch Irwin and Hough kill it in the video below, backup dancers and all.