How Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Proves She Could Easily Run For President... And Win

by Kate Ryan

Whether you want to call it a visual album, movie or a Jay-Z takedown, watching Beyonce's Lemonade likely left you stunned. Visually, it's an artistic masterpiece while the music pushes the limit of anything Queen Bey's ever done.

More than anything, Lemonade proves what she's capable of, which extends far beyond her music and film credits.

This is why Beyoncé could easily run for president in 2020 and win.

She's a skilled performer.

She is a performer at heart and half of what a campaign amounts to is performance. You could certainly argue it's all performance, based on the fact that Donald Trump has made it this far. So, if we're voting based on entertainment value alone (which, let's face it, we are), why not vote for the reigning champion of all entertainers instead of some bumbling, orange-faced bigot? 

She's able to appear vulnerable while staying in control. 

Beyoncé is no stranger to policing her public image. She stays above the fray by avoiding drama and petty arguments, while still exuding the right amount of vulnerability to keep us intrigued. Isn't that what we ask of all our presidential candidates?

She appeals to wide audiences.

If she didn't necessarily appeal to the majority before, then Lemonade proves she can pander to everybody and their great grandmother. With a country song, a rock anthem, reggae vibes, EDM sounds and soul music reverberating throughout, she pulls them all off with expert precision. With Lemonade, Bey transcends genre. 

Before, she had her large -- though select -- legion of fans. With this project, she's got us all captivated. 

She knows how to get the right people helping her.

This visual album is a collaboration of epic proportions. She blends different sounds and mediums effortlessly because she knows who to go to. If she can get Jack White, Kendrick Lamar, Diplo and Father John Misty working on the same project, then she can easily cross party lines to get the job done. 

She's a role model.

Plain and simple. She's someone young women and men can look up to.

She passes the golden standard for all presidential hopefuls.

Would you have a beer with her? "100 percent FAWK YAS." -- Everyone

Could all of these qualities translate into actual political discourse? Absolutely. If we're entertaining the possibility of Trump becoming president, then Beyoncé should already have a cabinet position locked down. She packs a message, has influence oozing out of her pores and the energy to pull it all off.

But beyond that, she's already political in the way she has strategically voiced her concerns through music, film and advertising. If that's not the making of a killer politician then I don't know what is. 

The only question to settle now is, will she be our president or will she be our queen? 

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