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Beyoncé's Dad Might Have Just Revealed She's Been Lying About Her Age

How old is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter?

The answer to this simple question may be one of the greatest mysteries of our generation.

Though official sources put Beyoncé's date of birth at September 4, 1981, conspiracy theorists long suspected she's older.

A lack of evidence to support this theory led most to accept Bey's reported age of 34 as fact.

But compelling new evidence suggests Queen Bey has indeed been lying about her age. And given the source of this evidence, I'm inclined to believe it.

Matthew Knowles (the guy who, you know, fathered Beyoncé) dropped by "The Breakfast Club" radio show earlier this week and let it slip his eldest daughter is “the exact same age” as P!nk and Usher.

Recalling the early days of Beyoncé's career, Knowles revealed,

We signed to Daryl Simmons, who was partners with LA Reid and Babyface... Bet you don't know who his lead singer was. P!nk, she's the exact same age as Beyoncé. There used to be this battle [about] which group was better. You had Usher, he was the same age. They were all 14 or 15 years old.

If Papa Yoncé is telling the truth (it should be noted he publicly said questionable things about his estranged daughters before), Queen Bey is actually 36 years old -- younger than what the conspiracy theorists assert but still older than she claims.

I'm not quite sure what to think. If Queen B has been lying, that's pretty lame. But on the other hand, good for her. It'd mean she looks even better for her age than we previously thought.

So, which is it, B? Tell us. Pretty please?

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