The 15 Best Tweet Reactions To 'Doctor Who' Casting A Woman Doctor

by Anna Menta

Calling all Doctor Who fans across all of space and time, we have some really good news: Women are finally allowed to be doctors!

By which I mean, after over 50 years and 12 different lead actors of the popular British TV show, Doctor Who, the BBC has finally, for the first time ever, cast a woman to play the main character, the Doctor.

That woman's name is Jodie Whittaker, and she's known for her roles in Attack the Block (2011), Black Mirror, and Broadchurch. And as of July 16, she is officially the 13th Doctor.

(If you're unfamiliar with the show, the Doctor of an alien species called a Time Lord, that regenerate their bodies when they die. There is no gender or race restriction to regeneration, despite what you may hear some bigots say. This has allowed the BBC to recast the role over and over, but for some strange reason they've always stuck to white men before now!)

So after over 50 years and 12 white male doctors, obviously a lot of fans are pretty freakin' excited about this. Unfortunately, there are also fans who are really not excited about this, and who are out there spewing hatred and misogyny.

Luckily, the Doctor Who fandom and the internet are awesome, so we won't speak of those haters except to mock them mercilessly.

So, in that spirit, I present to you: The absolute best tweets about the Doctor Who casting news!

1. The best use of this Friends joke I have ever seen.

2. The best "not in the fandom" response.

3. The best limerick tweet.

4. The best suggestion of revenge that I really hope happens.

5. And the best reminder to the whiners.

6. The best reaction to said whiners.

7. The best, most accurate prediction of what's to come for Jodie Whittaker and feminist fans.

8. The best take-down of the misogynistic "What's next?" argument.

9. And the best absurdist version of the take-down.

*whispers* Gender isn't real.

10. The best reminder of how TV works.

11. And the best not-so-subtle observation as to why so many "just can't picture a female Doctor!"

Courtesy of British comedian Stephen Merchant.

12. The best costuming request.

Read this whole thread, especially if you're a costume designer on Doctor Who.

13. The best mockery of misogynists claiming this goes against canon.

14. The best proof that, actually, men already have everything.

15. And finally, the best mother-freakin' Merriam-Webster burn.

Jodie  — you're going to crush it, girl. I can't wait to actually watch Doctor Who for the first time in years!