Ben Higgins' Exes Channel Taylor Swift In 'Bachelor' Anniversary Photo Shoot

by Adam Silvers

At the moment, Ben Higgins from season 20 of "The Bachelor" appears to be living the good life with his fiancée and season 20 winner, Lauren Bushnell.

But don't you wonder how the rest of the women from Ben's season are fairing?

If you watched this summer's "Bachelor in Paradise," then you got a glimpse at some of the women who tried to find love with Ben.  We saw Caila Quinn, Jennifer Saviano, Lace Morris and others try their hands at finding love yet again, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Caila and Jenn really got it going this summer when they joined season 20 contestants Jami Letain, Shushanna Mkrtychyan, Amber James and Lauren Himle to participate in a Taylor Swift-inspired photo shoot at Camel Safari in Las Vegas.

The shoot was inspired by T-Swift's 2015 music video for "Wildest Dreams," and as you can see, these women definitely got to live out some type of fantasy in the desert.

Here's a look at the music video for Swift's "Wildest Dreams," in case you need a quick refresher.

Speaking on the shoot, former "Bachelor" contestant Caila Quinn said,

We wanted to celebrate how far we've come and the amazing journey we've been on together. The thinking behind that was together our wildest dreams can come true when we just are there for one another. 'Say you'll remember me' -- we'll always remember this together. We'll always have each other.

Until next season, Bachelor Nation.

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