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There's A Real-Life 'Beauty And The Beast' Rose That Lives For A Year

If you've seen "Beauty And The Beast," you were probably captivated by the magic of the enchanted rose that, in the movie, bloomed for 21 years in a glass dome. Well, now you can own one in real life.

This Australia-based floral boutique is now selling the magnificent Le Bellé dome, which looks exactly like the enchanted rose from the original "Beauty And The Beast" movie that came out in 1991.

My Lasting Bouquet

You can enjoy the enchantment (for $199) without having to maintain it for up to a year, as long as long as the rose stays out of the sun. Don't worry, you won't be cursed or anything if it dies.

The arrangement comes with a high-quality glass dome and a complimentary gift card. And even if you love the classic red rose, you also have the option of getting a white, rainbow or metallic-colored flower.

My Lasting Boutique

If the $199 price tag seems a bit steep, the plant also comes in a mini size for $39.99 with even more color options, like baby blue, navy, black and dark pink. This would be the perfect gift for any Disney movie fan, and this floral boutique takes it a step further because red and pink roses get old fast.

My Lasting Boutique

Seriously, having one of these in your room or on your desk at work would have to make your life feel more like a Disney movie and less like a shit show. If I had one, I would probably just break out into song at any given moment (so it's probably in everyone's best interest that I don't...).

These roses are pretty special, and I'm sure we'll also see teacups with faces or a singing candelabra before the live-action version of "Beauty And The Beast" comes out next March.