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Who's the voice of Barbie in Rocket Mortgage's 2022 Super Bowl commercial? She's a pro.

Here’s Who Voices Barbie As She Stars With Anna Kendrick In A New Super Bowl Ad

It might not be who you think it is.

Rocket Mortgage revealed two stars in its Super Bowl 2022 commercial teasers, and one of them is a total icon. No disrespect to Anna Kendrick, but the one and only Barbie is starring alongside the Pitch Perfect actor, and TBH, I’m starstruck from seeing the A-list doll in two teaser clips. But there’s one question I have after seeing Kendrick and Barbie chat about all things mortgage loans: Who is the voice of Barbie in Rocket Mortgage’s Super Bowl 2022 commercial? Thankfully, I got the answer, and this pro knows exactly how to say what Barbie is thinking. You can hear her during the commercial’s debut on Sunday, Feb. 13.

From Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth to Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, Super Bowl 2022 commercials are stacked with duos, and Rocket Mortgage is no different. In the debut teaser dropped on Feb. 7, Anna Kendrick sits backstage and makes nervous small talk with her commercial co-star. She word-vomits questions and compliments, telling Barbie that she’s loved her “ever since [she] was a kid.”

The blonde icon stares back at her, wordless, before telling Kendrick she can call her “Barbie.” OK, great, but who was Anna Kendrick really talking to? The voice behind the doll belongs to voice actress America Young.

No, you might not recognize her face, well, because you don’t see it. Young first voiced Barbie in the 2015 “10 Things About Me” Barbie vlog, according to her website’s bio. She also voiced the legendary fashion doll in Netflix’s 2018 series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures as well as other Barbie features, per IMDB.

Young has lent her voice to dozens of film and TV roles, including Toralei Stripe in Monster High, Wendy in the 2008 animated movie Tinker Bell, and the Trollz TV series. While Young is who brings the doll to life in the Super Bowl ad, other Barbie voice actors include Kelly Sheridan and Kate Higgins — so don’t feel bad if you couldn’t peg Young right away (or at all).

Though Young didn’t have much time to show off her Barbie chops in the first clip, the second teaser, released on Feb. 8, features a much bigger speaking role for the Barbie surrogate. In it, Kendrick tells Barbie how glad she is the two of them are in a Super Bowl commercial for Rocket. Dressed in a denim dress, Barbie replies, “Oh, of course.”

Kendrick then mentions how competitive the housing market is these days, and Barbie, now wearing a leotard and Olympic gold medal assures her it’s not as competitive as it was when she was a gymnast, or part of the space race, or when she was a competitive bee keeper... And yes, she has an outfit change for every profession. (Taking a cue from Barbie’s many jobs, Young also rocks a multi-hyphenate as a voice actress, director, stunt coordinator, and stunt woman.)

The commercial comes amid the 60th anniversary of Barbie Dreamhouse, and it marks Kendrick’s first game day ad (not counting her non-commercial in 2014).

Rocket’s Super Bowl commercial won’t drop until the night of the big game, so you can hold yourself over with two more teasers — released Feb. 9 and Feb. 10 — and tune in Sunday, Feb. 13 to see how Kendrick and Barbie’s new friendship pans out.