Here’s What ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant DeMario Is Up To Now


Ohhh, DeMario. DeMario, DeMario, DeMario.

Ya done goofed, DeMario. You done goofed, big time.

As we head into week three of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay, there's been no shortage of Drama with a capital "D."

Namely, the fact that one of the men — who, I might remind you, are all there in the hopes of marrying Rachel — already has a freakin' girlfriend.

Yep, I'm talking about your boy DeMario Jackson, of course. On last week's Bachelorette, poor Rachel got a surprise visit from none other than DeMario's girlfriend of seven months, Lexie.


Lexie told Rachel,

I saw that, um, the first couple of guys were brought on to meet you… and I saw one guy, up until hours before that he'd been my boyfriend of seven months.


When confronted about it, DeMario claimed it was an on-again, off-again relationship, currently in the "off-again" stage. But then Lexie broke out her phone with text message receipts that pretty conclusively proved DeMario was lying. At this point, Rachel had enough and sent DeMario home for good.

Of course, because this is Bachelor Nation, he was back knocking on Rachel's door at the end of the episode.

So while there's definitely going to be another confrontation with the D-man tonight, and while there's a slight chance Rachel might take him back, let's be honest. Rachel might be nice, but she's not that nice.

So, what has the 30-year-old executive recruiter been up to since his dramatic exit from the show?

Well, he has both a public Instagram and a public Twitter account that can give us a few hints.

For one, it seems like he's able to laugh at himself a bit.

And he's still doing his part to promote the show, so no hard feelings towards ABC.

(Or at least, the paycheck is talking louder than the hurt feelings are.)

Apparently, he's staying busy (and bitter) by attending weddings that are not his own.

I don't know much about marriage, but I suspect cheating and lying significantly raises the chance of the divorce.

He went to his sister's graduation at Fresno State a few weeks ago.

I have nothing sarcastic to say about this because it's actually pretty cute.

And it looks like we know what music he blasted to help get over Rachel.

I'd like to think he had "You Know I'm No Good" on repeat.

Goodbye, DeMario! We'll miss you. (But not as much as we miss Blake K.)