Bachelor-Themed Wine

Attention "The Bachelor" fans 'round the world: Today is your lucky day.

While you've been waiting for Nick Viall's season to start, the folks behind the show have been making their own wine for you to drink at your viewing parties.

YES. BACHELOR-THEMED WINE IS HERE. And we are wasted-by-the-first-commercial pumped about it.


Honestly, what took so long? Wine and "Bachelor" go together like reality TV and sweatpants, heartbreak and Adele, Chris Harrison and botox. This needed to happen.

And the names they have come up with for the different varieties are a true fan's dream.

In the collection, you'll find the passionate and sexy Fantasy Suite Cabernet Sauvignon, the dependable and classic One On One Chardonnay and The Final Rosé, the punny persons' fantasy.

Bachelor Wines


The makers' note,

These amazing wines were created to capture the excitement, romance and incredible passion viewers have for 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette.' Our dramatic collection of wines were crafted to take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is 'The Bachelor.'

Here's how I interpret that:

"The Bachelor" execs: We made you "Bachelor" crack.

"The Bachelor" fanatics: Sounds good to us!


So far, you can pre-order all the deliciousness online in 36 states. The wines will ship by Dec 14, ensuring you are plenty buzzed and emotionally prepared for the season premiere on Monday, January 2.

They're also just in time for the holidays. And honestly, the holidays and "The Bachelor" are the only reasons we drink wine anyway, so this is sublime.

Now it's just up to Nick to not blow this for us. YOU BETTER MAKE THIS A GOOD SEASON, NICK.



OK, OK. Time to start gathering the girls for our fantasy league.

Group date on my couch! Bring The Final Rosé!