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ABC’s 'The Bachelorette' Season 19 stars Tyler Norris

ABC May Be Foreshadowing Some Chaos With This Bachelorette Contestant

Apparently, Tyler Norris is an “Italian stallion.”

(ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Every Bachelorette season has to have its wild card contestant, the one who isn't afraid to stir up the drama or bring on the intensity. Although no one knows yet what will happen on Season 19, Tyler Norris seems like a very promising candidate for becoming the chaotic contestant. His ABC bio describes him as an “Italian stallion” who “isn't afraid to be over the top” — and if that’s not a clue about what’s in store for him this season, I don’t know what is. But there’s more to know about Tyler beyond these Bachelorette buzzwords (buzz phrases?) — here’s what to know about him.

After Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s hellish breakups with Clayton on his season of The Bachelor, fans have been ready to watch them get into the driver’s seat and support each other while looking for love on a dual-lead season. While it’s an unconventional setup for the show, it seems like Tyler really vibed with it. One of his most recent Instagram captions reads, “Very lucky to have met two of the most incredible women and some amazing guys.”

Maybe the “over the top” note in Tyler’s bio is a red herring. Who knows? Tyler could end up being the show’s comedic relief of the season instead of the villain.

Tyler Norris’ Job

Tyler owns a small business on the Wildwood, New Jersey, boardwalk, according to his LinkedIn. The store is called Spirit Ball, but it’s a bit mysterious what he actually sells — a Google search of the store name and Wildwood returns nothing that’s obviously Tyler’s store.

Even at age 26, Tyler has already worn a lot of different hats, from working for a boardwalk games company, to being a construction worker, to working at the rental car business, Enterprise. Maybe this flexibility will help him out during the show’s wild group dates.

Tyler Norris’ Family & Hometown

Tyler works in Wildwood, New Jersey, but he’s originally from a neighboring town called Rio Grande. Based on his Instagram, he’s a big family guy who likes living close to his extended family. In his ABC bio, Tyler even says he’s looking for someone who’s “ready to come home and meet his wonderful and loving family.”

Tyler Norris’ Age

Right before the release of Season 19, Tyler turned 26, the same age as Rachel. His birthday is June 21, 1996, making him a Gemini.

Tyler Norris’ Instagram

Thankfully for the sleuths in Bachelor Nation, Tyler’s IG goes all the way back to the beginning of the app in 2012. His grid is replete with shirtless beach pics and surfing glamor shots. For Tyler’s sake, let’s hope he gets to go on a beach date this season.