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Rodney, Ivan, And More Bachelorette Stars Are Ready To Date Fans IRL

The Bachelor Live On Stage 2022 tour is going to be pure chaos.

The Bachelor Live on Stage

There’s always an opportunity to find love in Bachelor Nation, and some former contestants are taking the show on the road to prove it. The Bachelor Live On Stage is bringing everything fans love about the TV series directly to their hometowns with a national tour. Seven alums from recent Bachelorette seasons will head off on the tour along with former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, bringing the fun and romance of the Bachelor franchise directly to live audiences.

Each night of The Bachelor Live On Stage will feature one of the seven alums as the Bachelor for the night, while members of the audience will get the chance to win a rose from him. Here’s the official description of the “interactive” event:

It’s a thrilling night of laughter, lively games, and lighthearted connections with a handful of ladies, hand-picked from the audience to experience first-hand what life at the mansion is really like. From glamorous limo entrances to outrageous group dates and all the memories that come along with it, come dressed to the nines and bring your watch party crew to cheer on those vying for the final rose of the evening.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Bachelor Live On Stage tour:

The Bachelor Live On Stage Tour Dates

The tour begins March 16 in Peoria, Illinois, and continues around the country through May 1. You can buy tickets online.

The Bachelor Live On Stage Tour Cities

The Bachelor Live on Stage tour is going all over the United States over the course of two months. Here’s the full list of 41 cities where the tour will stop:

  • Peoria on March 16
  • Columbus on March 17
  • Indianapolis on March 18
  • St. Louis on March 19
  • Kansas City on March 20
  • Minneapolis on March 22
  • Milwaukee on March 23
  • Cincinnati on March 24
  • Rosemont on March 25
  • Cleveland on March 26
  • Detroit on March 27
  • Reading on March 29
  • Boston on March 30
  • Baltimore on March 31
  • Philadelphia on April 1
  • New York on April 2
  • Washington D.C. on April 3
  • Pittsburgh on April 5
  • Morristown on April 6
  • Roanoke on April 7
  • North Charleston on April 8
  • Fayetteville on April 9
  • Atlanta on April 10
  • Ft. Lauderdale on April 12
  • St. Petersburg on April 13
  • Pensacola on April 14
  • Birmingham on April 15
  • Knoxville on April 16
  • New Orleans on April 18
  • Suger Land on April 19
  • San Antonio on April 20
  • Austin on April 21
  • Midland on April 22
  • Grand Prairie on April 23
  • El Cajon on April 25
  • Riverside on April 26
  • Thousand Oaks on April 27
  • Los Angeles on April 28
  • Las Vegas on April 29
  • Reno on April 30
  • Salt Lake City on May 1

The Bachelor Live On Stage Tour Cast Members

Each Bachelor Live On Stage show will be hosted by Becca Kufrin and will feature one of seven former Bachelorette contestants as the lead for the night. Those seven former cast members are: James Bonsall from Season 17, Rick Leach from Season 18, Connor Brennan from Season 17, Ivan Hall from Season 16, Justin Glaze from Season 17, Andrew Spencer from Season 17, and Rodney Matthews from Season 18.

The men all appeared in a video announcing they’re joining the tour: