Corinne Thinks 'Bachelor' Nick Viall 'Missed Out' On Not Having Sex With Her

by Adam Silvers

Guys, recently-dismissed "Bachelor" contestant Corinne Olympios is totally not over Nick Viall.

The business owner and lover of cucumbers and nanny Raquel recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima at the Four Seasons Hotel in LA for an exclusive interview about her time on set, and you're going to want to read what she had to say.

Speaking on her former flame, Nick Viall, Corinne Olympios said,

I mean, we did have like, a good connection you know, for a while. I did miss him a lot in the beginning. I miss him as a friend now. He's just a really cool guy. I can't say a bad word about him.

Things sound pretty civil between Corinne and Nick, but as you're about to see, the Miami native clearly still has very strong feelings for "The Bachelor."

Speaking about her relationship with Nick Viall, Corinne said,

I did love Nick and you know, I cared a lot about him. I don't know if I was in love with Nick yet -- it was definitely getting there -- but I'm glad he let me go when he did then, if he didn't see a future with me. [It was] surprising that he didn't take me to fantasy suites with all of our sexual attraction to one another.

I mean, if you've watched this season of "The Bachelor" up to this point, the sexual chemistry between these two is pretty undeniable.

Corinne took things a step further when she said Nick kind of screwed up by not having sex with her.

She said,

What was he thinking? He missed out. I mean, if you have a sterling silver vagine, that's the worst.

It appears Corinne really does "miss" Nick, though.

Speaking on whether there's a shot these two will "hang out" in the future, the 24-year-old said,

I miss him as a friend. I mean romantically, I'm not really sure if he is engaged or whatever, but he did move on from me to get engaged to someone else, so my heart kind of accepted that and I've moved on from that. But friend-wise, yeah. I'll always be… if he wants to talk or anything, hang out, I'm always down for that. He's a great guy.

Corinne Olympios also spoke at length about her final "Bachelor" goodbye in the limo, where she said she'll "never kiss up to a man ever again."

She said,

I mean, women just find it really empowering. I mean, that's just honestly how I felt, and I was kind of, you know, bringing back a little bit more of my past relationships in there, too. I just feel like women – well, me at least, like I always put my man first and you know, I really just feel like women need to like, realize that they also need to be put on a pedestal. Cheers to women!

Cheers to you, Corinne!

We're really going to miss you.

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