Ashton Kutcher Has The Most Genius Hack For Fixing His Daughter's Crayons

Mario Anzuoni/reuters

Sit down and shut up. Your life is about to get hack'd AF, thanks to Ashton Kutcher.

A lot of us go through life like dumb idiots, crawling through this mortal plane, not knowing how to fix what we already have and opting instead to replace what we've broken. It's why the divorce rate in this country is sooo high and Ikea furniture is sooooo cheap. America will never figure out a way to fix our problems if we decide to just replace our problems with outsourced solutions.

Thankfully, Ashton Kutcher is fighting the good fight, and his Instagram is a testament to the Industrial Revolution years of the past -- not the cheap, overseas, shotty-craftsmanship mentality of present.

The former B-list celeb was faced with a common problem most parents face while raising their children.

You're gonna be shocked by what Ashton did with some tape.

*wipes eyes and squints to make sure I'm looking at this the right way.* WHAAAAA?!??! He did THAT with TAPE?!?!??!

Now, I've seen everything.

Your perception of what is possible with a can-do attitude and some tape has officially been PUNK'D!