Not Everyone's Crossed Off Arya's List, Here's Who's Still On It

by Ani Bundel

This season on Game of Thrones gave fans something they've been waiting for: The reunion of the last living Stark children, none of whom have seen each other since Season 1. Yet it was an awkward meeting, with Sansa laughing at the idea of Arya's "kill list"... that is, until Bran matter-of-factly confirmed it was real. Arya said not to worry, most of those on it were already dead. But it's been a while since we've heard her recite it, which leaves some wondering: Who's on Arya's list again?

Arya's list has changed and morphed over the seasons, dropping off some as they've died, and adding more as they've offended her. They've included people as lowly and unimportant as Polliver, for stealing her sword Needle, and they've included some of the highest ranking royals in the land like Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. The longest version we heard her recite was during Season 4 when she was still traveling with the Hound, after the Red Wedding, but before she'd started removing names in earnest (or they were being removed before she could get to them.)

Let's run down everyone who's made Arya's List and where they stand.


Rorge, Polliver & The Tickler

Status: Dead.

Killed by Arya: One of three ain't bad.

The first, and smallest of names on Arya's list, these were the people at Harrenhal who made her life hell in Season 2, when she was too childish to realize her death names could be used to affect real change, instead of killing off small time meanies. Their removal from her list represented her first kill (Polliver) and her leaving behind those child-level revenges for bigger fish.

Ser Meryn Trant

Status: Dead.

Killed By Arya: Yes. 

This was Arya's first major act of disobedience during her Faceless Men training, when she saw Trant, and grabbed the opportunity to cross his name off the list. Considering Ser Meryn beat Sansa at Joffrey's behest (not that Arya knew that), Lady Stark would probably give her a thumbs up for this one.

Joffrey Baratheon


Status: Dead.

Killed By Arya: Nope.

Sorry, Olenna got that one.

Tywin Lannister

Status: Dead.

Killed By Arya: Nope.

Sorry, Tyrion got that one.

Walder Frey

Status: Dead.

Killed By Arya: Yes. 

Her first proper kill once she returned to Westeros and started ticking off the boxes on her list in earnest. Followed it up with a proper Red Wedding Part 2. Who says Arya can't party?

The Hound


Status: Alive, but Arya doesn't know that.

Killed by Arya: No. If she had killed him like he asked, he'd actually be dead.

At some point in the next 10 episodes, The Hound is going to run into either Brienne or Arya, and it's going to be awkward.

Beric Dondarrion & Thoros of Myr


Status: Alive.

Conveniently, both are currently hanging out with the Hound! But! All three are heading towards the Wall to find the Night King, so it's a good bet not all of them will make it back. If either of these two die at the hands of the Undead, I doubt Arya will mind all that much. As has been noted, her "condensed" version of the list in Season 5 left both of them off.

The Red Woman

Status: Alive.

Unfortunately, as we saw a couple of weeks back, she's not actually on the continent right this second, she's walking into spiderwebs, so leave a message and she'll call you back.

After all, she has to die in this strange country. Why not let it be Arya who does the deed?

Illyn Payne


Status: Alive. (But...)

A relic of Season 1, this was the executioner who chopped off Ned's head. Payne actually would have had a larger role in later seasons (He's Pod's cousin, you guys!) But the actor who played him Wilko Johnson, was diagnosed with terminal cancer during the second season, and rather than recast, the show cut the part going forward.

Ironically, Johnson then beat the cancer, and is alive and well and living in the UK. The showrunners have suggested they might bring him back, HotPie-cameo style at some point. Doing so to let Arya kill him on screen on her way to Cersei wouldn't be out of the question. But then again, he was left out of the Season 5 version of the list, so maybe not.

The Mountain

Status: Alive(ish).

I mean, can you kill the Mountain from Hell, who's rotting inside a corpse's shell?

And wouldn't it make better sense for the fans to have The Hound kill him in Cleganbowl? Arya, have a heart.

Cersei Lannister

Status: Alive.

The way everyone keeps referencing Arya putting off killing Cersei to go home this season, I feel like there's almost no way Arya isn't crossing this one off her list with her own two hands, valonqar prophecies be damned.

But you know, hey, maybe Jaime will do it. You never know!