Artist Transforms Disney Animals Into Humans And They're Perfect (Photos)

Artist s0alaina is living everyone's Disney fantasy.

Not only does she work professionally as a Disney princess for parties, she also spends her free time creating stunning Disney-inspired illustrations on her DeviantArt page.

For her latest project, s0alaina has vibrantly reimagined what characters from "The Lion King," "Lady And The Tramp" and “The Aristocats” would look like as humans.

Of her creations, s0alaina wrote on BoredPanda,

I've often wondered what these animals would look like if they were human and I have enjoyed others' illustrations of this concept. But I noticed that most of these versions lacked character consistency thus making them not quite as believable and lovable. I've enjoyed drawing these beloved characters and hope you like them!

Check out a few of her pieces below, and see s0alaina's entire series here.

"The Jungle Book”



"The Lion King"

"The Aristocats"

"Oliver And Company"