The 38 Most Ridiculous Moments From Ariana Grande's New Music Video

by Katie Corvino

Ariana Grande changed our world for the better when she released her new single, "Focus," last night.

The 22-year-old star has been torturing fans for the past month with little clues about what her music video would entail.

The only thing we knew was her hair was white and we would have to focus.

"Focus on what, Ariana?!?" has been the million-dollar question on everyone's mind. But finally, we have answers.

Ariana's music video is officially out and the Internet is losing its sh*t.

Let's check out the 38 most ridiculous moments from her new music video to pay tribute to this masterpiece.

Ariana, you are a legend.

1. When she touched her lips with her sparkly finger.

2. When she gave us this look but her eyes were half closed.

3. When she showed us her mouth and it looked like this.

4. When she showed us her eye again but this time it was fully open.

5. When she clarified what we should focus on in case we got confused.

6. When she did this, and it kind of looked like a fetus in an ultrasound.

7. When she winked.

8. When she did this with her tongue.

9. And then when she showed us her lips again.

10. When she did more stuff with her tongue.

11. And more stuff as an ultrasound fetus.

12. When she opened wide for us to check if she had cavities.

13. When the fetus multiplied and started spinning.

14. When she put her lips together like this.

15. And then started staring at us, too.

16. When it went back to her lips.

17. But then she kept staring at us, too.

18. When she made this duck face.

19. When we saw a side-view, silhouette of that same duck face.

20. When we saw her in this box facing front, doing that same duck face.

21. When she looked over her shoulder like this.

22. When she looked over her shoulder again, but this time you couldn't see her.

23. When she was still staring at us.

24. And when her mouth was still doing stuff.

25. When she stared at us and did stuff with her mouth at the same time.

26. When she was just really into staring at us.

27. When she promised us she would never break that eye contact.

28. And stuck to her word, no matter what.

29. But then she had to look away to take a selfie.

30. And another one.

31. And another one, but this time blowing a kiss.

32. Wait, one more.

33. But then she quickly returned to staring at us.

34. When she played the trumpet.

35. And then played the trumpet as an ultrasound fetus.

36. When she fell asleep.

37. But then fooled us and was actually awake.

38. And then when she stared at us more.

God bless the queen.