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Noah and Abigail on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Here Are Some Clues Noah And Abigail Ended Up Together After Bachelor In Paradise

Their onscreen split was so sad!


If you’re still weeping over Noah and Abigail’s onscreen split on Bachelor in Paradise, you’re not alone. After telling Abigail that he’d been questioning their relationship for a several days, Noah Erb up and left Paradise — leaving Abigail Heringer in tears on prom night. (Forreal — they were at a prom-themed group date when Noah confessed he was having second thoughts.) But was this really the end of the road for the couple, who have been together since Day 1 of the show, or is there more to their story? Are Noah and Abigail together after Bachelor In Paradise? Thanks to some internet sleuthing, fans had a good idea about where they stood — and then the very end of the finale confirmed their suspicions. The answer might surprise you.

First, the clues leading up to the big reveal: Since their dramatic BIP breakup, Noah and Abigail have not only continued to follow each other on Instagram, they’ve also been seen sporting some similar bling... No, they’re not sporting rings (at least not yet), but a few fans have noticed Noah and Abigail do have matching necklaces. In an Instagram post on Aug. 13, Abigail was wearing a gold-linked necklace; the next day, Noah shared a post wearing what looks to be the same one. Is it just a popular style? Or could it be a hint at rekindled romance?

Thickening the plot, one Reddit user claimed they saw (and heard) Abigail talking about Noah in New York this summer. Specifically, the Redditor said they heard Abigail use Noah’s name and “my man” in the same sentence. The two also attended the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York this fall, each with fellow BIP pals — although they weren’t pictured at the event together.

That said, Connor Saeli — an alum from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette — hinted in an interview that Noah and Abigail may not be as well-matched as they once appeared to be.

“I know Noah,” Connor said in an episode of “Here For The Right Reasons,” Us Weekly’s Bachelor Nation-themed podcast. “I’m curious to see how this one plays out. I actually don’t know what happens between the two of them. But I’ve heard of Abigail from people. I don’t know if their personalities match up, to be honest… Or maybe, like, values is the right word.”

There’s also the very interesting fact that former Bachelorette Clare Crawley briefly tagged Abigail in an Instagram post acknowledging (ever so vaguely) the challenges of her split from her ex-fiancé, Dale Moss. It could have been a simple mistake, but some fans are wondering whether that tag had a more loaded meaning to it and that Abigail and Dale has some sort of connection. Hmmm…

Despite any he-said-she-said, ABC put the rumors to rest in the final moments of the BIP finale, when a cute, ‘80s-style montage revealed where all the couples ended up after the show. According to the montage, Noah and Abigail realized they missed each other after leaving the beach and have since rekindled their romance, although they’re taking it very slow.