Josh's episode of 'Queer Eye' Season 6 ended with a question as to whether he got back with Kayla or...

Let's Investigate Whether Josh And Kayla Got Back Together After Queer Eye

He had a major transformation.


Most episodes of Queer Eye have a very clear-cut ending: The Fab Five get the hero’s life on track and celebrate the successful transformation. But one of Season 6’s fan-favorite episodes ended with a bit of a mystery. Rancher Josh Eilers was nominated for a life makeover by his ex-girlfriend Kayla, and the episode ended with the two reconnecting over a romantic dinner. But, um... are Josh and Kayla back together after Queer Eye Season 6 or not? The episode ended without giving viewers an update on where they stand now, but their Instagrams may offer some pretty huge hints about their relationship status.

At the beginning of the third episode of Season 6, Kayla explained that she used to date Josh, but they broke up because he was dishonest and couldn’t take care of himself. Although they never mentioned any specific action that led to the breakup, Josh admitted it was his fault, and ended up apologizing to Kayla for misleading her and not treating her right. During his chats with the Fab Five, Josh sounded like he wanted to get back together with Kayla, and the episode did end with Kayla accepting Josh’s apology and saying she’s excited to be part of this next chapter of his life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they rekindled their romance.

It seems pretty clear from their Instagrams that Josh and Kayla didn’t start dating again after the Queer Eye transformation. Josh’s Instagram has a total of zero photos of Kayla, and doesn’t even appear to be following her. Of course, as you could probably pick up from the episode, Josh is pretty inactive on social media, so that’s somewhat of a flimsy argument.

But there’s a bigger, more solid piece of evidence on Kayla’s Instagram. On Jan. 3, she posted about the episode, and made a point to refer to Josh as “my friend.”

The word choice seems to confirm the two are just friends. On top of that, Kayla is very active on Instagram, but aside from the Jan. 3 post, she hasn’t shared any pics with Josh since she posted some BTS shots of them filming the Queer Eye episode back in the summer of 2021.

Sorry to all the hopeless romantics out there, but it looks like the Fab Five couldn’t play Cupid this time.