4 New Apps That'll Help You Master The Rest Of Festival Season

Summer may be close to its end, but that doesn't mean festival season is. We all know festivals run well into the fall, which is great because then, the climate has settled down and it's not so freaking hot all the time.

Another great thing about going to a festival now is the fact that most people have figured out how to make the time spent there a blast. Festival-goers have figured out what is “in” when it comes to apparel and accessories, and brands have figured out the best ways to market their booths and shops on site. App developers have also jumped on board and found solutions to the problems that many have experienced at festivals.

Here are the new apps you'll need for the rest of your festival adventures:

1. Concert Playlists

Are you waiting for a band to play your favorite song while you're watching them jam out? That's where Concert Playlists comes in.

If you're at a concert and want to know what to expect to hear next, look up the band on the app. Just pick the specific tour, and you'll be able to view the set list.

2. Unitelight

Unitelight was created to help you find your friends if you get separated at night. You simply pick one of the four songs currently on the app and send a text. Then, your friend's camera will flash to the beat of the chosen song.

All you have to do is find the light that matches the beat of the song you pick. This app was clearly created with music festivals in mind.

3. Soundcheck

This app combines Spotify with your favorite artists and venues. It allows you to listen to all of the artists that will be at your next festival.

You can use it to decide who you should add to your list of go-sees, or if you want to skip out on a set entirely for another group's. It also gives you event dates and ticket prices.

4. Merchbar

Did you go to a concert and forget to buy a tour tee? Or maybe you wanted to enjoy the performance, instead of standing in line to try to get merch.

That's what Merchbar is there for. You can buy shirts, posters, hats and even vinyl records on the app. The prices range from $2 stickers to $45,000 limited-edition guitars. And all of it's right there at your fingertips.

These apps will make sure your next music festival is even better than your last. It doesn't matter whether you missed a song, lost your friends or missed out on a merch purchase: One of these apps will be there to help you out. Check some of these out the next time you're at a festival.