An Anonymous Oscar Winner Is Using His Award To Troll Leonardo DiCaprio

It's no secret Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of our time, but his eternal struggle to win an Oscar is one of the longest-running jokes in Hollywood history.

Now, an anonymous Academy Award winner, presumably one with a vendetta against DiCaprio, launched a cruel yet amusing campaign, highlighting the (many) times Leo almost won the coveted award.

Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.

The taunting began when Imgur user Supposedtobefunny123 posted a still from a scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street” to the photo sharing site.

The image, manipulated with Photoshop, showed DiCaprio's character getting kicked in the face by the gold statue, which was superimposed over costar Margot Robbie's body.

That image caught the attention of Leo's main antagonizer, iHasanOscar, who decided to take the harsh joke one step further by taking photos of what appears to be his or her real Academy Award beside screenshots and stills from some of DiCaprio's most famous films.

Having just watched “The Wolf of Wall Street” this morning — how's that for coincidence? — I have to say, this joke is more mean than it is funny.

Leo, I love you.

And I'm rooting for you! Fingers crossed this awards season treats you better than the previous ones have. And if not, well, at least you have your models to keep you company.

The trolling began innocently enough...

...but soon turned into a full-fledged attack on Leo's acting cred.

This year, let's prove 'em wrong and #GiveLeoAnOscar.

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