21 Times Kim And Amy Schumer Proved Sisters Make The Best Friends

by Katie Corvino
Getty Images

I have to be honest. I have a brother and I love him to death (hi, Alex!) but ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted a sister.

THERE, I SAID IT. I so desperately wanted to grow up with another girl who could braid my hair and share my clothes and wear stupid matching outfits with me. Brothers are great, don't get me wrong, but I feel like sisters have a connection that's just unmatchable.

I mean, what would life be like if I had someone who knew my entire life story, shared a similar personality, HAD THE SAME MOM AS ME and probably was the same jeans size. It'd be f*cking weird, but also pretty sweet.

You should also know I follow Amy Schumer religiously. Not only do I think she's brilliant, talented, hysterical and hot as hell, I see her as a very family-oriented woman with a strong devotion to her loved ones.

OK, SO THAT'S BASICALLY WHY I'M OBSESSED WITH HER AND HER SISTER. If you don't know Kim Caramele by now, she's Amy's lil sis (AKA #roadmanager) and she's funny AF.

Kim's been behind-the-scenes on pretty much all of Amy's accomplishments, from "Inside Amy Schumer" to "Trainwreck," and has even had a few on-screen appearances.

In every acceptance speech Amy has ever given, she makes it known Kim is her greatest supporter, inspiration and motivator.

IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE, GOD DAMMIT. I tweet at them both every few weeks to try to join in on their love fest but I think they're just not ready for me yet. It's OK, girls. We'll get there one day.

Below, check out 23 times Amy and Kim proved sisters truly make the best friends.

1. Let's talk about the time they hung out on church pews wearing extravagant pink ballgowns. You know, just a casual Friday night.

2. And that time they were interviewed on the red carpet together and looked like actual twins.

3. How about when they looked like models strolling through the park, showing off their Balmain hats, glasses and accessories?

4. Running from the paparazzi is hard, OK? Ugh, the life of models sisters.

5. Now, this is just art. IDC what anyone says.

6. All of their interactions are gold. Just look at them bundled up, trying to hold each other despite the size of their puffy jackets.

7. Look at them sitting in the mirror and staring at each other.

8. Look at Amy spitting up some sh*t in Kim's face.

9. It's what sisterhood is, you guys. Take notes.

10. Also, can we talk about when Kim inadvertently became a style icon? LOL, I CAN'T.

11. But in all seriousness, the two clean up nicely. Looking v. nice, ladies.

12. And when I say "v. nice" I mean, "Can I have your hair, skin and cheekbones?"

13. And what I'm really just trying to say is, "CAN YOU ADOPT ME AND TAKE ME TO THIS PLAY?"


15. "Can I be Jennifer Lawrence in this moment?"

16. "Is there room on that swing... no? Oh, OK. Asking for a friend."

17. Amy and Kim, you girls are my heroes. My sister heroes. It's like sister wives but instead, it's us LOL. Wait, no. OK, that's not what I'm saying...

18. ANYWAY, you have to see how cute they were as kids. It looks like things haven't changed one bit.

19. So here's to Amy, for every time she was the best big sis Kim could ever have...

20. And here's to Kim, for being the ultimate little sister.

21. Thanks for proving to us all sisters really do make the best friends.