Amy Schumer Told The Funniest Story About Meeting Her Boyfriend's Mom

Amy and Deb need a show together NOW.

Sorry everybody, Amy Schumer has a boyfriend. SO BACK OFF. She's taken. You'll just have to cope with dating non-Amy-Schumer people. That's the world we all live in now.

If you wanted salt poured into that gaping emotional wound you should probably watch the above clip of Amy talking about her new boyfriend and his mom, Deb, on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Deb sounds like an absolute riot, and I pray to God she becomes a presence in our lives at some point.

Amy also got a chance to address her beef with Glamour magazine over her name being on the cover of its plus-size issue. Full disclosure, you may not want to watch because you will get FURIOUS she is not single.