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Amy Schumer Talks About Being Nominated For Same Award As BFF J Law

There is nothing more awkward than competing with your best friend.

For normal people, that means we might occasionally compete for the same job or the same guy. You know, small, normal people things.

But can you imagine being nominated for a Golden Globe in the same category as your best friend?

Well, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence can. Both actresses are up for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture award -- Schumer for "Trainwreck" and Lawrence for "Joy."

After the nominations were announced, Entertainment Tonight asked Schumer if she had talked to J Law and if their friendship would survive this.

The comedian joked,

No, the friendship is completely over. I just blocked her number. It's over.

Schumer went on to say she texted Lawrence about the nominations, and, in true best friend fashion, she posted this picture congratulating her bestie.

We'll find out who wins on Sunday, January 10. My money is on Schumer.

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