It Looks Like The Creepy Twins From The Very First Episode Of 'AHS' Are Back

by Anna Menta

Warning: Stop reading now if you don't want spoilers for the third episode of "American Horror Story: Roanoke."

Now that we're three episodes into season six of "American Horror Story," things are finally starting to fall into place in a very disturbing way.

First of all, we finally REALLY got to see Lady Gaga — turns out she's a woodland demon home wrecker who has vigorous sex with Cuba Gooding Jr.


We also got a huge connection to the first season, "American Horror Story: Murder House."

Near the beginning of the episode, Shelby, Matt and Lee are out searching the woods for Flora. (Note: Never wander around haunted woods, people!)

They don't end up finding her, but they do find two kids suckling a pig in a barn. Lovely!

If you didn't immediately look away in disgust, you might have noticed something. Those two feral redheaded children look awfully similar to the redheaded twins in the first episode of "Murder House."


If you'll recall, in a flashback scene to 1978 in the "American Horror Story" pilot, these two little red-headed shits vandalize the Murder House, and so the Murder House, well, murders them.

Then they get to be little red-headed ghost shits in the house.

It's hard to say with 100 percent certainty since those child actors would have aged five years since "Murder House," but at least one of those pig-eating kids definitely look like those twins to me.


Other people suspected the connection as well.


Keep in mind, even if these kids aren't the same actors from "Murder House" — and at least one of them is not, according to his IMDB page — this is all taking place in a fake dramatic reenactment. So they could be played by anyone.


The police take the kids to the station, but all they can say is "Croatoan" over and over again, which is yet another connection to "Murder House."

(Remember how Tate and Violet learned about the first successful exorcism by the Native American tribe called Croatoan?)

We've already had several connections to "Murder House" in "Roanoke" so far.

Obviously, the whole haunted house thing is a big one, as well as Croatoan, but also the opening shots of both seasons are nearly identical.

And we still haven't seen Evan Peters yet, despite him being in the credits for the season, so I'm still betting on Tate Langdon showing up any day now.

Other important things to note from the episode:

The fourth wall broke for a moment when the "real" Lee got upset at the cameramen, and we got a glimpse of behind-the-scenes.

We met the new character Cricket Marlow, a psychic from New Orleans played by Leslie Jordan, aka the actor who played Quentin Fleming in "Coven," who also happens to be from New Orleans.

Matt cheated on Shelby with Lady Gaga, but given the circumstances, I think it's safe to say he wasn't in his right mind.

Hoo boy. Can't wait for episode four!

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