Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Kai (E.R. Fightmaster) in a scene from 'Grey's Anatomy.'

These Tweets About Amelia & Kai On Grey's Will Make You Believe In Love

They shared a *steamy* moment.

ABC/Bonnie Osborne

Love is in the air on Grey’s Anatomy. Even amidst all the drama of the Nov. 11 Station 19 crossover episode, there was still room for some flirtatious fun. While the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital dealt with multiple explosions in Seattle, Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) let sparks fly with Dr. Kai Bartley (E.R. Fightmaster) in Minnesota. Fans were pretty excited to see the two share a steamy moment, so much so that they took to Twitter to celebrate. These tweets about Amelia and Kai on Grey’s Anatomy will make your heart go aflutter.

Not only are fans ready to see Amelia embark on a new relationship, but they’re also excited to see the character of Kai on screen. Kai is the first non-binary doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, and they’re played by Fightmaster, who’s also non-binary. “It’s very exciting to get to be a full human on a show, to get to act and not worry about my gender. It just gives me so much more leeway to play, knowing that as a baseline I personally am being respected,” Fightmaster told Deadline. Kai is the first non-binary character to have a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy and fans have welcomed them — and their burgeoning love with Amelia —with wide-open arms.

Audiences have sensed some romantic vibes from Amelia and Kai already. But at the very end of the Nov. 11 episode, they got a real taste of some full-fledged flirting between the pair, and that’s what sent Twitter into a tizzy. Kai flat-out asked Amelia about her relationship status and, for the first time in a long time, Amelia said she was single. In response, Kai said that they’re married... to the lab. It seems like Kai is making it very clear to Amelia that there are no other human attachments in their life, leaving lots of room for an Amelia-Kai romance.

The sexual tension between Amelia and Kai is only building up more and more. There haven’t been any full-on romantic interactions between the two of them... yet. But, with the way things are going with all their flirting, fans should probably prepare for things to get even steamier between them.

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.