Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Did Divorce Right And Celebrated At A Strip Club


Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa celebrated their divorce at a strip club this past Monday night.

Yep, Amber actually filed for divorce from Wiz in September 2014 after being married to him for 14 months, but they finally closed the damn thing and decided it was time to pop some bottles. There is a literal photo of them with stacks of bills in their hands and grins on their faces.

The two apparently reached a pretty decent settlement from the divorce: Wiz walked away with a ton of expensive cars, while Amber will get installments of thousands of dollars a month from him for child support.

Amber's got nothing but love for Wiz. She even tweeted:

Too much fun with my Ex hubby last night & no we didn't celebrate our divorce we celebrated our love 4 each other cuz that never goes away.

Call me a sucker for love, but I really like that she confessed they will still always have a spot for each other in their hearts. Because really, unless your partner did some absolutely unforgivable thing, it's hard to hate him after being with him for so long.

It's like Carrie Bradshaw once said: If you love someone, and you break up, where does the love go? It doesn't just disappear. It sits and stews and grows out of romantic love and into a different kind of love entirely.

Divorce gets a bad rap. Yes, most people end up no longer speaking to each other after paying tons of money not to see each other ever again, but it doesn't always have to be a big blow-out fight. If you can stay amicable with someone you couldn't make it work with romantically, marrying him doesn't seem like the biggest mistake you've ever made in retrospect.

My parents divorced each other when I was a wee little thing. So, they're kind of like Wiz and Amber, only they refuse to speak to each other, and they also refuse to acknowledge they were ever married. OK, never mind, they're nothing like them. They clearly went about this whole divorce thing all wrong.

What's the moral of the story here? Divorce doesn't always have to be so bad. Sometimes, it ends with a crap-ton of money, a weird, pseudo-friendship and an over-the-top party at a strip club.