Alyssa from 'The Circle' Season 4 used to work for Lance Bass.

Wait, Alyssa From The Circle Used To Work For Lance Bass

Does she know Lisa?!


Alyssa sure knows how to make a first impression. The Circle didn’t know what hit it when the unapologetically frank sexpert logged in with her vulva pillow and bedroom advice. And her passion for sex positivity wasn’t just put on for the competition — Alyssa is all about removing any and all stigmas from sex and sexuality in both her career and her social media. It’s still up in the air whether Alyssa Ljubicich will win it all in The Circle Season 4, but her real job history does hint at a pretty surprising connection to a past contestant that hasn’t been revealed on the show yet.

As one of the contestants choosing to play themselves in The Circle, Alyssa had a strong start, forming close bonds with pretty much all the other players. Although sharing that her profession is an assistant to a sex coach caught a few people off guard, Alyssa’s ability to make sex talk light, funny, and relatable but always informative quickly won her favor with the rest of the Circle. However, it looked like things took a turn for the worse when the season’s spicy twist had a few contestants starting to wonder if she was secretly a catfish.

Could Alyssa’s sex positivity take her all the way to the end? While you wait to see, here are all the deets about Alyssa life that haven’t been revealed on the show yet.

The Circle’s Alyssa Ljubicich’s Real Job

Like she said on the show, Alyssa works as an assistant to a sex coach. More specifically, her LinkedIn lists her as an executive assistant and social media advisor for intimacy expert Dolly Josette’s brand Pleasure Muse. Pleasure Muse offers online classes, private coaching, and bodywork exercises like vulva mapping designed to help with intimacy and sexual connection.

Alyssa’s past work may be even more eyebrow-raising for The Circle fans, though. From 2020 to 2021, Alyssa was a social media advisor for Lance Bass Productions. Interestingly enough, this was at the same time that Lance Bass’ assistant Lisa Delcampo appeared on The Circle Season 2, where she catfished as her famous boss. It sure sounds like Alyssa may have a Circle connection she hasn’t disclosed to the other players yet.

The Circle’s Alyssa Ljubicich’s Age

Alyssa was as genuine about her age as she was about her job: She’s 27 years old, as stated on her Circle profile.

The Circle’s Alyssa Ljubicich’s Instagram

Alyssa uses her Instagram to spread important information about sexual health along with a few tips for helping to improve intimacy. Of course, she also posts lots of selfies with her friends and her adorable pup Astro.