An Alternative Opening For 'Sex And The City' Was Released And Fans Will Hate It

by Eitan Levine

You will not know how to feel about this alternate "Sex And The City" opening credits sequence that was just released.

Even though HBO's groundbreaking sex-com aired it's last official episode in 2004, the series has remained pretty culturally relevant -- aside from having every modern sex blogger claim they're "the millennial Carrie Bradshaw."

Two movies have since been released, and while some of the lessons from the show are pretty antiquated, most of the things Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte went through are still relatable and the show has remained a major part of society's natural vocabulary.

This all makes this alternate opening credit sequence that HBO just released feels super weird.

Missing from these alternate opening credits is Carrie's infamous pink tutu. HOW DO YOU MESS WITH CARRIE'S PINK TUTU?!?!?! CARRIE WITHOUT A PINK TUTU IS LIKE A GENITAL-LESS MR. BIG. WHAT'S THE POINT??!?!?!

According to creator Darren Star,

There were two wardrobes. One was the tutu, and we did one pass where Sarah Jessica was wearing a blue dress and didn't get splashed; instead, she trips when she sees the ad. In my mind, it was a nod to The Dick Van Dyke show, but we didn't use it. It's in the archives.

Filming of the opening credits happened in March of 1998. The scene was shot near the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue.

To give you a small refresher, here is what the original opening credits looked like:

According to costume designer Patricia Field,

It was very difficult for the producers to understand the tutu. Sarah Jessica and I were fighting for it, and Darren said, 'Okay, but I want other outfits as possibilities.'

Says Star,

It was such a brilliant choice because, in a way, Carrie's dancing through her life in New York.

After the opening credits were shot, Parker didn't put on her signature tutu until 2008 during a scene from the movie where she cleans out her closet.

Parker told EW,

I felt like I was pushing doing something I shouldn't be doing. Like, don't put that on, you know? It was on very quick, and then it was off.

Soooooooo, when is that third movie coming out?

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