'Outer Banks' fans called out Season 3 editing errors on TikTok.

Outer Banks Fans Are Clowning The Show For Multiple Editing Errors In Season 3

These Pogues look... different.


It’s never smooth sailing for the Pogues, but on Outer Banks Season 3, the editing was just as choppy as the waves. Shortly after the third season dropped on Feb. 23, fans began to notice a bunch of odd-looking moments. From obvious stunt doubles to bizarre sound cues, here are all the Outer Banks Season 3 editing errors that TikTok has called out.

There was a lot going on in the third season of Outer Banks — like, a lot. But in the midst of all the confusing treasure hunts, ever-shifting relationship drama, and the hurricane of daddy issues, a few super small moments stuck out to viewers. Even though you probably missed them if you blinked at the wrong time, these editing errors have blown up on TikTok, with fans pointing out the times it was laughably obvious that a stunt double had taken over a part.

The first such instance was in the second episode of the season, as Kiara and Rafe ran after a truck in their escape from Singh’s mansion. A viral TikTok paused at just the right moment to show that a pair of stunt doubles (who didn’t really resemble Madison Bailey or Drew Starkey that closely) were way too visible during the action.

A similar thing happened later in the season, when Cleo hopped on the back of Pope’s motorbike. In the quick overhead shot of them driving off, it’s clear Jonathan Daviss was replaced by a stunt double who has nowhere near the same hairstyle as Pope.

Another motorbike-related mishap happened in Episode 3, after JJ picked up Kiara from her house. As they drove off, fans noticed JJ’s hair was much darker than it should have been.


Another head-scratching moment that stood out to viewers was when JJ was fighting off some crabs on the beach. When one od the crustaceans pinched his foot, it made a way-too-cartoonish chomping sound that felt totally out of place with the show’s tone.

All in all, these were just small snafus that didn’t really distract at all from the show’s main story. Honestly, they might’ve even made it more fun for some fans to watch, as they got to play stunt-double detective with every seen. Here’s hoping Season 4 can deliver even more perfect-but-not-too-perfect treasure-hunting drama.