Alexandra From 'The Defenders' Used To Have A Daughter, But Who Was She?

by Anna Menta
Jessica Miglio/Netflix

This post contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Marvel's The Defenders. Happy Marvel's The Defenders day, everyone! Depending on whether or not you have a job, you might be well into your Netflix binge by now. If you've made it through Episode 5, then you've had yet another revelation about Sigourney Weaver's character Alexandra — she used to be a mom. So who is Alexandra's daughter on The Defenders?

Well, we already know Alexandra's been alive for a really long time, thanks to The Hand figuring out some mystical way to come back to life after you die. And we also know that Alexandra used that resurrection method on Elektra (played by actress Élodie Yung, reviving the role after Elektra died at the end of Daredevil), and now Alexandra seems to be treating Elektra like her new daughter/weapon of mass destruction.

Now in Episode 5, Alexandra revealed why she's being so creepily motherly towards Elektra — because Alexandra lost a daughter herself.

Here's what Alexandra told Elektra, right before she threatened to kill her,

I had a daughter once. This was in my first life, before I made the pilgrimage to K'un'Lun. Before I learned of the substance. And before I started the organization. And she was intelligent, kind... and death took her from me before I learned how to defeat it. In my grief people told me she was too good for this world, I didn't believe them. But there was some truth in what they said. She wasn't a warrior. She wasn't like you and me. And I now I know: I was never meant to raise her. I was meant to raise the Black Sky.

While we don't exactly how old Alexandra is, we do know that she is pretty dang old. Old enough to refer to Istanbul as "Constantinople" and old enough to talk about composer Johannes Brahms like an old friend. So if her daughter is from Alexandra's first life, she lived a very long time ago — 19th century at the very latest.

And apparently, she died before Alexandra figure out how to resurrect people. But it's all good, because now she has Elektra to raise/exploit/threaten to kill. Ah, the joys of motherhood!