Here's Where Alexandra From 'The Defenders' Fits Into The Marvel Universe

by Anna Menta
Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Leave it to Sigourney Weaver to bring a whole new badass villain to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Marvel's The Defenders, which premiered its first season on Netflix this Friday, Aug 18, the 67-year-old acclaimed actress took on the role of Alexandra Reid, a rich and powerful woman who's stirring up all kinds of trouble in New York City. Alexandra's pretty much ever bit as chilling and authoritative as you'd expect a Sigourney Weaver villain. But fans old and new all have the same question: Is Alexandra in the Marvel comics?

The answer is no, not really. There is no character named Alexandra Reid in the Marvel comic's universe. However, the nefarious organization that Weaver's character is leading in Defenders is from the comics. It's called The Hand. In the comics, The Hand is an order of ninjas that serve a demon. They're basically an evil ninja army, and their greatest warrior is Elektra. Maybe you've heard of her? She had a redemption arc and supposedly died in Daredevil?

In The Defenders, Alexandra, like many rich villains, learns she's dying. She works with Madame Gao, a villain you may know from Iron Fist to be a leading figure in The Hand. Then we find out in a flashback that apparently Alexandra brought Elektra (actress Élodie Yung) back from the dead and made her into an evil weapon.

Sarah Shatz/Netflix

Alexandra's main goal seems to be killing Danny Rand, AKA Iron Fist. And hey, if the other Defenders are going to get in her way, she doesn't mind killing them, either. And she's going to wear some dope silk shawls while she does it.

As for Elektra, so far it seems she's remaining under Alexandra's control, but I have a feeling that won't last long. Not if Matt Murdock has anything to say about it.

All eight episodes of Season 1 of Marvel's The Defenders is streaming on Netflix now.