This Line From Alexandra In 'The Defenders' Has Fans Questioning Her Past

by Anna Menta
Jessica Miglio/Netflix

As you get further and further into your Defenders binge on Netflix (Job? What job?), you're probably starting to get more and more suspicious of this Alexandra character, played by none other than Sigourney Weaver. Alexandra Reid is not a character in the Marvel comics, so everything we learn about her is brand new information. And some of this information certainly is mysterious. For instance, in Episode 3, Alexandra starts talking to Elektra about her personal experiences with death. Huh? Has Alexandra died before?

Well, it certainly sounds like she has. Episode 3 opens with an extended flashback scene from "a few months ago." It turns out Alexandra got her hands on Elektra's body. (In case you don't remember Elektra, AKA actress Élodie Yung, died at the end of Daredevil.) Well there is both good news and bad news for Elektra fans. The good news: Sigourney Weaver brought her back to life. The bad news: She appears to be some sort of shell of a person, with no memory of who she used to be.

After raising her from the dead, Alexandra sits down to have a chat with Elektra over dinner, undead zombie to undead zombie.


Alexandra says to Elektra,

You were born. You lived and died. And what you saw on the other side, the darkness, the absence of everything... it's horrifying, isn't it? I've seen it too, more than once. And all I want in this life is never to see it again.

Alexandra also explains that language will come back to Elektra, but everything else about who she used to be "wasn't worth keeping." Ethical!

But yeah, apparently Alexandra has died before. Multiple times. Kinda seems weird that she's so worried about this fatal disease she has if she's figure out a way to cheat death, but I guess that darkness thing must be pretty awful.

All of this only adds fuel to the fire that Alexandra could be Danny Rand's mother, who we saw die in Iron Fist. No one ever found a body, and apparently The Hand has this coffin-filled-with-blood method of resurrection, so I'm just saying! It's possible.