Alex Brizard from 'The Circle' Season 4 hosts a podcast and regularly streams on Twitch.

Alex From The Circle Is Actually A Twitch Streamer IRL

He's def all about strategy.


If you’re going to play The Circle as a catfish, you need an airtight strategy. Fans of the show have seen catfish lose the plot and totally give themselves up in the past, but don’t expect that to happen to Alex, Season 4’s resident strategist. Most of the successful catfish will choose to pretend to be someone they are actually close with IRL to keep the details straight, but Alex decided to take a risk and invent a totally new person: Nathan. As Alex said, Nathan is basically his polar opposite — outside of The Circle Alex Brizard is all about video games, reality shows, and podcasting.

Alex made his intentions as clear as can be when he entered The Circle wearing a sweater that said “Strategic AF.” He determined that the best way for him to win the game would be to play as a young, seemingly non-threatening frat bro named Nathan. Perhaps he was basing the strategy on Season 1 winner Joey Sasso’s persona, since he managed to win it all through flirtatious messages and party-loving antics.

It’s clear that Alex has done his homework before bringing Nathan into the game, and so far nobody seems to suspect that the frat bro they’re speaking with is actually a cartoon-loving banker who streams video games on Twitch.

The Circle’s Alex Brizard’s Real Job

As he stated in his intro, Alex is a commercial banker from Scottsdale, Arizona, but that’s not all he does. He co-hosts the podcast Two Dudes Watch Cartoons, where he reviews animated movies and TV shows. He also live-streams Pokémon games on his Twitch channel. Oh, and if you’re wondering where he got his passion for strategy, he was actually a reality TV junkie before getting on The Circle himself. He has regularly live-tweeted his reactions to Big Brother, Love Is Blind, and his personal favorite, Survivor.

The Circle’s Alex Brizard’s Age

Nathan may be 22, but Alex is actually 28 years old in real life.

The Circle’s Alex Brizard’s Instagram

Alex’s Instagram is full of cute couple pics with his girlfriend Nikki. There’s also a bunch of photos of him hanging out with friends, and promoting his podcast, of course.