'AHS: Cult' Opening Credits Feature Trump & Hillary, So Get Ready To Scream

by Billy Lorusso

Calling all American Horror Story fanatics: Today is a great day in our terrifying, effed up little universe. That's right, today the official opening credits for American Horror Story: Cult were released online, and I have one thing to say after watching the clip: WDLJWFKQIOWEIFKGVUT. As usual, when it comes to AHS, I am experiencing a range of emotions, primarily fear and excitement. The opening sequence is every bit as horrifying as you would expect. For several weeks now we've been getting new developments regarding the upcoming seventh installment of AHS, but this is by far one of the best yet, especially since last season of the show noticeably forewent an opening title sequence.

As expected, the opening credits feature a bunch of terrifying sh*t set to the creepy as hell AHS theme music (with a little twist) we have come to know and love since Season 1. There's definitely no shortage of the blood, bees, and clowns we have been seeing in the Season 7 teasers over the past few weeks, and there is plenty of political imagery, including masks of Mr. Donny J. Trump and Mrs. Hillz Clinton, throughout the minute and nine second opener. All of that looks mild, though, compared to the image of a dead pupper (ugh whyyyyy) that appears halfway through the sequence. All I can say after watching it is I'm legitimately shook, how the hell am I supposed to make it through entire episodes before bed?!

We've known for quite some time now AHS: Cult would focus on the 2016 presidential election cycle, but until a few weeks ago, the election's role in the series was a mystery. While some fans were expecting the campaigns and political drama of the past two years to be front and center this season, we've been told that's not exactly the plan. One of AHS's executive producers, Alexis Martin Woodall, spoke to the Television Critics' Association about the upcoming chapter in the AHS story, saying,

It's not what you think it is... When Ryan had to make the announcement originally that the season was going to deal with Trump, I think it's more about what's going on in our world around us.

Though his comments certainly don't clear much up for us (it is, after all, one of the most top secret shows on television), the executive producer did say that there will be a "streak of paranoia" running throughout the season. If the opener is any indication of how bone-chillingly terrifying the season is gonna be, then I really don't think I'm ready.