The First 4 'AHS: Cult' Episode Titles Reveal Major Clues About The New Season


The cult is almost upon us, but before you start painting your face in creepy clown makeup, it looks like we're getting a lot more info about the first few episodes of the mysterious new season of American Horror Story. We finally know the titles of the first four episodes of American Horror Story: Cult, and they give fans some interesting clues about what might go down at the start of the new season.

Horror blog Bloody Disgusting revealed the first four episode titles of American Horror Story: Cult, and they are sending fans into a spiral trying to figure out what they may mean. Let's go over each of them and see if we can decipher what's going to happen.

Episode 1 – Election Night

The premiere episode title is not really surprising to anyone who's been following Ryan Murphy's promotion of the new season. Even before we knew it would be called Cult, Murphy revealed the new season would kick off on the night of the 2016 presidential election, and Trump's election would influence the season. So, we know the first episode will show the results of the election, and then kick off from there.

Episode 2 – Don't Be Afraid of The Dark

The Episode 2 title is pretty generic, so we can't really draw too much info from it, but it could still be telling in where the season will go. Presumably, the title "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark" indicates our introduction to the cult at the center of the season. This episode could depict how cult leaders initiate new members, possibly by forcing them to face their fears or go out and commit crimes in the dark of night.

Episode 3 – Neighbors from The Hell

This is an exciting one for longtime AHS fans, because its reminiscent of the first season of the show: Murder House. Ryan Murphy loves to include little crossovers or hints at other seasons when he can — like bringing Asylum's Lana Winters, Sister Mary Eunice, and Pepper back in Freak Show — and the "Neighbors from The Hell" episode title is the most suggestive of a possible crossover in the new season. After all, both the Harmon and Langdon family were neighbors from hell in a pretty literal sense in Season 1.

But the part that sticks out is the addition of "The," which seems to suggest "The Hell" is something we may not be expecting. Perhaps it's the name of the cult?

Episode 4 – 11/9

Probably the most perplexing of the new titles, it sounds like Episode 4 is going to be a major one in the new season. "11/9" most likely refers to the date, November 9, which was the day after Trump was announced as the election winner. Since we know the first episode takes place on election night, which was November 8, we can pretty safely assume the first three episode will take place in the span of one day, or be heavily focused on flashbacks.

Of course, Trump's election caused mass protests around the United States for several days, which began almost immediately after his win was announced. These protests might be incorporated into Episode 4.

We'll have to see how right we were about these episodes when American Horror Story: Cult premieres on September 5.