Drake shared an adorable Instagram video of his 4-year-old son Adonis speaking French to him.

Drake's Son Gave Him A Little French Lesson, And The Video Is Adorable

"You want I teach you how to speak en français?"

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In recent years, Drake has shared several adorable snapshots of his 4-year-old son Adonis, but the latest video may be the cutest yet. On Friday, Jan. 28, the rapper shared an adorable video of himself and his son, which kicked off with Adonis asking his father if he will grow up to be bigger than Drake in the future. Like the true champ Drake is, he answered and told Adonis that he would be bigger than his father one day. The conversation quickly changed pace and highlighted Adonis’ bilingual skills. The IG video of Adonis speaking French to Drake is just all too cute.

As their conversation about heights continued, Drake asked Adonis “When you’re my age, how big are you going to be?” Instead of answering the question, the toddler switched gears and decided to give his father a little language lesson: “You want I teach you how to speak en français?” Adonis finished the last part of the question in his adorable French accent.

Drake replied, “Yes, please. Show me.” The 4-year-old spoke a full sentence in French and Drake repeated each word back to him. After the two completed their mini French lesson, Drake asked his son to translate.

“I said, 'When you're older, you're all broken, and you're gonna turn back into space,’” the little guy explained. Drake laughed at the comment and said, “Is that really what you said or are you making stuff up?” Adonis quickly confirmed, and the pair began laughing. “You're a funny guy,” Drake told his son.

Drake co-parents Adonis with French artist Sophie Brussaux, and as the new video clearly prove, Adonis is being raised bilingual. The singer and Brussaux were first seen together in 2017 and welcomed Adonis that same year in October.

Although Adonis is 4-years-old, it wasn’t until March 2020 that the rapper said he was comfortable with sharing pictures of his son to the public.

In addition to his French lessons, Drake’s followers have been able to see a lot of other cute father-son interactions in recent years. Most recently, their Christmas shenanigans featured Drake is peak dad-mode.

It’s great to see Drake open up about his personal life on social media and it looks like the Adonis content is not going away anytime soon.