Does Adele want kids with Rich Paul?

Adele Said She “Definitely” Wants More Kids

I’ll be listening to “My Little Love” until further notice.

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Adele tends to keep her private life pretty, well, private, and when it comes to her relationships, she’s guarded. Although she’s revealed a little bit about her romance with Rich Paul, there’s still a lot that fans don’t know. Like, just how serious are they? Does Adele want kids with Rich? Is he her latest muse? Adele might not be ready to answer all those questions yet (fair enough!), but she did drop a major hint about her hopes for her future — and more babies are pretty high on her list.

I definitely would like a couple more kids. It would be wonderful,” she told BBC’s Desert Island Discs on July 3. “If not, I’ve got Angelo.” (Adele shares 9-year-old son Angelo Adkins with ex-husband Simon Konecki.) She continued, “I just want to be happy... I love being a mom.”

And she wants to have another baby sooner rather than later. “I want a baby next year,” she said on The Graham Norton Show in February. “I have plans next year. Imagine if I have to cancel because I am having a baby,” she added, referring to rescheduling her Las Vegas residency.

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Although Adele didn’t mention Rich by name (at least, when it came time to discussing future kids), he has also opened up about wanting more children. In June, he told E!, “As a young dad, growing a business, it was pretty tough. If I was to have more kids, I'm looking forward to being a different dad.” He added that in the future, he’d like to be “more patient” with his kids.

Rich explained, “You know, I have a daughter that's a junior in college so I was a very young dad, but now, different age, different time in my life, different position in my life. I'm really looking forward to being an older dad.”

Although there’s no way to know what their future will look like, it certainly sounds like they’d make an incredible pair as parents. In Adele’s own words, this is the most “incredible, openhearted, and easiest” relationship she’s ever been in. What more could you want?