Rolling In The Deep
During a 'Rolling Stone' interview, Adele opened up about her romance with Rich Paul, and her romant...

Adele’s Quotes About Rich Paul Reveal So Much About Their Bond

Rumour has it that they’re super in love.

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Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship is ~literally~ what love songs are made of. During a Nov. 11 interview with Rolling Stone, the “Easy On Me” singer revealed exactly how her romantic life has changed since she started dating Paul, and based on Adele’s quotes about their relationship, it sounds like all of those changes were for the better.

ICYMI, Adele and Paul sparked romance rumors in July 2021 when they sat courtside at game five of the NBA finals together. At the time, Adele had no intention of taking their relationship public. She told Vogue in October, “I just wanted to go to the game. I just love being around him. I just love it.” Aw!

Despite the speculation, Adele and Paul did not confirm their relationship until Sept. 20. Keeping things between them private throughout those early months was purposeful. She explained to Rolling Stone, “I didn’t really tell many of my friends at the beginning because I wanted to keep it to myself.” Since confirming her romance, however, Adele has been opening up about their relationship little by little, and it seems like she could not be happier.

During her Vogue interview, she explained how calm and reassuring their relationship has been. “I don’t feel anxious or nervous or frazzled. It’s quite the opposite. It’s wild,” she said. And no, that doesn’t make it boring. She later told Rolling Stone that her relationship with Paul is the most “incredible, openhearted, and easiest” relationship that she’s ever been in.

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Considering the singer’s “f*cking devastat[ing]” separation and divorce from Simon Konecki, which was ongoing over a period of almost three years, it’s good to see her enjoying an easy, peaceful kind of partnership.

Not to mention, Adele’s relationship with Paul has helped her overcome some of her most deep-rooted fears about love. “I always had this fear from a really young age that you’re going to leave me anyway, so I’m going to leave or I’m not going to invest myself in anything,” she explained. But she’s found recently that she is “not frightened of loneliness anymore.” I love to hear it.

Here’s hoping we get to see more of this happy couple soon — whether they’re hanging courtside or not.