Adele Might Have Just Teased Fans With A Preview Of Her New Album

Hold your loved ones close and try not to sorrowfully reminisce about every breakup you've ever overcome when I tell you there's a VERY GOOD CHANCE Adele is releasing new music.

During Sunday's episode of the UK's hit reality dream machine “The X Factor” a brief ad aired for what appears (to hopeful eyes, at least) to be Adele's new album.

White lyrics appeared and quickly faded on a black background to the sound of the Grammy-winning voice we've all come to know and cry to and love and cry to.

Fans on Twitter are rightfully losing their sh*t after a four-year wait.

No one can hold back the emotion supervolcano that will inevitably erupt as soon as this album drops.

Tears and other involuntary bodily responses are impending facts of life now.

Fellow famous musicians are ready to throw it all away, because what is even the point anymore?

If the snippet aired Sunday is any indication, that whole album is gonna be lit AF.

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