Adele Sang 'Hello' With Classroom Instruments, And It Was Still Epic (Video)

All Adele needed to crush it on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" last night was a few classroom instruments, The Roots and the one-lady pipe convention and trade show that are her vocal chords.

Adele can't sound bad. It's just not scientifically possible. You can try your hardest to slip her up and maybe you'll succeed a little bit every once in a while, but 99 outta 100 times she's going to sound flawless.

Even that one time when she doesn't sound amazing, she'll still sound incredible and more “raw.”

Actually, this isn't a bad idea for a game show -- one in which Adele tries to sing “Hello” in different wacky situations like standing on the wing of a plane,or in the middle of the running of the bulls or at a Westboro Baptist Church protest.

Oh my God! “Can She Belt It?” is a genius show idea.

BRB, calling CBS to make $500 million.