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This Actress Cut Off All Of Her Hair For The Most Inspiring Reason


Clare Bowen's new haircut is borderline shockingly short.

It's, like, VERY short, which is weird for someone who is a series regular on a show still in production.

Usually changing a major part of your look is a major no-no for continuity and character reasons, especially when that change involves shaving off THIS immaculate hair.

Her reason for the new look, though, is heartbreaking and incredibly brave.

In an emotional Facebook post, the "Nashville" star talks about how, when she was younger, she was a cancer patient who almost died from what she describes as end-stage nephroblastoma, a type of kidney cancer.

This meant she stayed for long periods of time at children's hospitals, finding much-needed camaraderie with other kids suffering from various serious illnesses. Bowen writes,

She survived the ordeal; experimental treatment worked, and Bowen was able to go on with her life.

Years later, she's now paying respect to those who suffer, whether visibly or on the inside.

In the post, she says she was inspired to cut her hair after she heard a heartbreaking story. She writes,

Bowen thanks ABC at the end of the post for letting her cut off her hair and the “Nashville” team for going along with it. To end the post, she simply says,

Awesome and empowering. I'm going to start watching "Nashville" now, maybe!

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