Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick will return for an 'A Simple Favor' sequel.

Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Are Reuniting For A Sequel To A Simple Favor



Emily and Stephanie’s twisted cat-and-mouse game isn’t over yet. The 2018 black comedy thriller A Simple Favor introduced Anna Kendrick as the nosy mommy vlogger Stephanie Smothers and Blake Lively as the impossibly fashionable and equally mysterious Emily Nelson, and now the duo is going to make a comeback. That’s right — a sequel to A Simple Favor is on its way.

Deadline confirmed a sequel is in the works on May 11, reporting that both Lively and Kendrick will reprise their lead roles and that director Paul Feig will once again serve as director. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise; although the 2018 movie was a commercial and critical hit, it didn’t necessarily seem to lend itself to a follow-up movie. The film ended with (spoiler alert) Stephanie discovering Emily was actually an arsonist named Hope, who murdered her twin sister when she attempted to extort her. The final moments saw Emily/Hope in prison while Stephanie turned her successful vlog into a TV show and indulged in her newfound calling as a private investigator. Could the sequel focus on Stephanie investigating a new case, or Emily breaking out of jail somehow? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Here’s what’s known about the upcoming film so far.

A Simple Favor Sequel Predicted Release Date

Don’t expect the new movie to drop anytime soon. It’s still in early stages, so it likely won’t premiere until late 2023 at the earliest.

A Simple Favor Sequel Cast


Only Lively and Kendrick are confirmed to be returning for the sequel so far. It’s unclear if the sequel will bring back any more characters from the first movie — like Emily’s jilted husband Sean (Henry Golding), her artist ex Diana (Linda Cardellini), or the neighborhood gossip Darren (Andrew Rannells) — or if it will bring in a new cast of characters.

A Simple Favor Sequel Trailer

It’s way too early for there to be any footage of the A Simple Favor sequel. But hopefully fans will get to see all the perfectly tailored suits that Lively will no doubt be wearing once again soon enough.