Christina Moses as Regina and Romany Malco as Rome in 'A Million Little Things'

The Next A Million Little Things Episode Might Wreck Rome And Regina Stans

The Season 4, Episode 7 promo does not look promising.

(ABC/Jack Rowand)

The most stable romantic relationship in A Million Little Things, hands down, is Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina’s (Christina Moses) marriage. Despite both enduring major setbacks in their careers recently — Rome’s movie deal fell through and Regina closed her restaurant — they have supported each other and stayed positive as a united front. But based on the A Million Little Things Season 4, Episode 7 promo, that all might change as the couple seems to be going through a rough patch.

Warning: Spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 4, Episode 6 follow. In Episode 6, it was revealed that the two had barely seen each other in the six months since Regina went to run craft services on a movie set all the way in Florida. Rome’s been keeping busy in Boston too, promoting his latest project. Although production on his scripted film was canned last season, his documentary on race in the U.S. quickly blew up and garnered a ton of praise. But even though they’re both busy with work, it’s clear the couple has been trying to stay connected.

The promo, however, suggests the distance is finally taking a toll on them. In it, Rome attempts to call Regina but is met with her voicemail. Instead of trying her again, he picks up the phone number of a woman he recently had coffee with, Cassandra (Azie Tesfai), and contemplates whether to reach out to her. Rome met Cassandra at a screening of his documentary while Regina was away, and although their coffee meeting was platonic, the two definitely had chemistry. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until Episode 7 to find out if Rome decides to call Cassandra.

While there’s still time for Rome and Regina to work things out, the same can’t be said for Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine (Grace Park). After many ups and downs, it’s obvious the two are better as friends. And Katherine finally seems ready to move on this season. Not only did she have a divorce party, but she also realized that she’s attracted to women as well as men, thanks to her friendship with Shanice (Nikiva Dionne). Despite Shanice leaving town for a film project, Katherine is continuing to expand her horizons as the promo reveals she goes on her first official date with another woman.

Katherine isn’t the only one pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Not only does Maggie (Allison Miller) have a new boyfriend, but also, the therapist got real at her job at the radio station when she opened up about her cancer journey to her listeners. But it looks like one particular fan is getting a bit too comfortable with Maggie. At the end of Episode 6, Maggie was told that some of the fan mail she was receiving was disturbing, and the station manager suggested that she may have a stalker. The Episode 7 promo reveals Maggie downplaying the situation... that is, until she opens up another letter to find that someone had drawn her face in extreme detail. Based on the promo, it seems that Maggie received this letter at her home, which means the stalker could potentially know where she lives. Let’s hope she stays out of harm's way.

A Million Little Things continues Wednesday, Nov. 17, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.