James Roday Rodriguez as Gary in 'A Million Little Things'

Gary's Past Is Coming Back To Haunt Him In This A Million Little Things Promo

I don't know how I feel about scary Gary.

ABC/Jack Rowand

One of the toughest moments for A Million Little Things fans was undoubtedly the breakup between Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Maggie (Allison Miller). But now, in Season 4, Gary has taken some big steps with his new girlfriend, Darcy (Floriana Lima). Not only did the couple decide to move in together, but they also agreed to try for a baby. But before he can live happily ever after with his new family, it looks like Gary’s past is coming back to haunt him in the A Million Little Things Season 4, Episode 4 promo.

The crux of the Season 3 finale revolved around Gary attacked Peter (Andrew Leeds), Sophie’s (Lizzy Greene) music teacher who groomed and sexually abused her. While it was initially unclear what exactly happened to Peter, the extent of his injury was so bad, he went into a coma. While the police have already questioned Gary — who vehemently denied the accusation — it looks like he can no longer avoid the issue, as Peter finally woke up at the end of Episode 3.

The promo for Episode 4 shows the police interrogating Gary once again, but even more, it teased a clip of Peter talking to the police. Specifically, the detective shows Peter two pictures and asks if “either of these gentlemen look familiar to you.” Unsurprisingly, it’s a photo of Gary and his accomplice Christopher (Michael Weston), the father of another student Peter groomed who later died by suicide.

Even though Gary’s dealing with a lot on his plate, the same could be said for his ex. While Maggie was the one who initiated their breakup in Season 2, it’s clear that she has still had some lingering feelings for Gary. So, it’s understandable that when she found out that Darcy and Gary were trying for a baby in Episode 3, she got in her feels. But the promo reveals Maggie enjoying her new job as a radio therapist so much, she’s hoping to make it permanent, despite being hired for just a temporary position. Perhaps focusing on work is her way of getting her mind off of her ex-boyfriend.

And finally, the most emotional storyline of the season so far revolves around Eddie (David Giuntoli). After analyzing a call he received from the woman who hit him with her car in the Season 2 finale, Eddie tracked her down in Episode 3. While the two didn’t talk and instead just stared at each other uncomfortably, the promo reveals Eddie meeting her at a restaurant in the coming episode. That’ss bound to be one emotional conversation.

A Million Little Things continues Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.