This 68-Year-Old Woman's Drake Covers Are Way Better Than The Originals

Bette Reynolds is a 68-year-old woman who makes Vines of herself reading Drake lyrics.

Now, not that 68-year-old-lady fans of Drake aren't awesome, but you wouldn't exactly expect such a simple concept to have over three million loops -- but Bette has a secret weapon: She's Scottish.

Yep, nothing amuses Americans more than hearing that sweet, sweet Scottish accent saying anything other than "bagpipe."

Bette's Drake "covers" earned her over 16,000 followers on Vine, with over 20 million loops.

And look, it's honestly fantastic. I've never heard a better Drake cover, maybe not even from Drizzy himself.

It all started when Bette's son posted a video of her cover of "Hotline Bling" on Twitter.

Then Bette took her career solo with her own Vine account.

I have no doubt if Bette really does got a lot of enemies, she'll take care of them real quick.

She truly has started from the bottom and is now here.

Don't worry, she's not going to leave out Kanye!

She even branched out to cover Desiigner's "Panda."

But, Drake will always be her main man.

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